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# NNotes
# basic CLI notes and todo inventory
# internal vars
# create local folders if does not exist
if [[ ! -d "$nnote_dir/$HOST" ]]; then
mkdir $nnote_dir/$HOST
touch $nnote_local_file
touch $ttodo_local_file
# internal alias
alias nnote_gitadd="(cd $nnote_dir/ && git add $nnote_local_file && git commit -m \"update by $HOST\" && git push --quiet -u --no-progress)"
alias ttodo_gitadd="(cd $nnote_dir/ && git add $ttodo_local_file && git commit -m \"update by $HOST\" && git push --quiet -u --no-progress)"
alias nnote_pull="(cd $nnote_dir && git pull)"
# Print current todos into fresh spawned shell
if [[ ! -z $(grep '[^[:space:]]' $(printf "$nnote_dir" "$@")/$HOST/ ]]; then
echo '==============| Local ToDos |=============='
echo ''
tail "$nnote_dir/$HOST/"
echo ''
# external alias
alias nnote="nano $nnote_local_file && nnote_gitadd"
alias ttodo="nano $ttodo_local_file && ttodo_gitadd"
## shorts
alias nn="nnote"
alias tt="ttodo"
alias nnu="nnote_pull"