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@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Instead I found a zsh/bash script from [@zmwangx](https://github.com/zmwangx) an
Since I'm no expert in FFmpeg nor shell scripting I had some trouble adapting the script to my needs initially, but improved eventually.
## Example
![Example image generated from "Spring"](https://datenkeller.ministeriumfuerinternet.de/projects/Spring%20-%20Blender%20Open%20Movie.mp4_vithumbs.jpg)
![Example image generated from "Spring"](https://datenkeller.ministeriumfuerinternet.de/projects/Spring%20-%20Blender%20Open%20Movie.mp4_thumbs.jpg)
Example generated from [Spring](https://studio.blender.org/films/spring/) by Blender Studio
## Requirements