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10 years ago
Miniflux - Minimalist News Reader
10 years ago
Miniflux is a minimalist and web-based RSS reader.
10 years ago
Note: **This version of Miniflux is not maintained anymore** (You should upgrade to Miniflux 2).
10 years ago
- Self-hosted
8 years ago
- Readability (CSS optimized for readability, responsive design, compatible with mobile and tablet devices)
- Easy setup => **copy and paste the source code and you are done!**
- Remove Feedburner Ads and analytic trackers (1x1 pixels)
10 years ago
- Open external links inside a new tab with a `rel="noreferrer"` attribute
- Use secure HTTP headers (only external images and Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion videos are allowed)
- Article content is filtered before being displayed
7 years ago
- Translated in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Simplified Chinese
- RTL languages support
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Full article download for feeds that display only a summary
8 years ago
- Bookmarks
- Groups for categorization of feeds (like folders or tags)
- Send your favorite articles to Pinboard, Instapaper, Shaarli or Wallabag
- Enclosure support (videos and podcasts)
- Feed updates via a cronjob or with the user interface in one click
- Keeps history of read items
- Import/Export of OPML feeds
- Themes
- Multiple users
- Image proxy to avoid mixed content warnings with HTTPS
- [ChangeLog](
- [Installation and Requirements](
- [Upgrade to a new version](
- [Cronjob](
- [Advanced configuration](
- [Full article download](
- [Translations](
- [Themes](
- [Json-RPC API](
- [Fever API](
- [Run Miniflux with Docker](
- [FAQ](
10 years ago
- AGPLv3: <>
10 years ago
- Original author: Frédéric Guillot
- [List of contributors](