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Version 1.2.4 (January 4 2017)
* Add migration script to Miniflux 2
* Add zh_TW and Polish translation
* Use search input type instead of text
* Remove deprecated referrer CSP policy
* Remove doc links from help page
* Use Alpine/Nginx/PHP7 for the Docker image
Version 1.2.3 (June 23 2017)
* Add support for Shaarli
* Add option for saving bookmarks as "unread" to Pinboard
* Show feed dates on edit subscription page
* Handle HTTP header "X-Forwarded-Proto: https"
* Add subscription option to ignore expire HTTP header
* Add getItemsByStatus API call
* Allow the preferences to be configured in the config.php file
* Update PicoFeed
* Update translations
Version 1.2.2 (March 7 2017)
* Offer the possibility to edit/delete groups
* Add option to not redirect user when having nothing to read
* Add hotkey Shift+A to mark all items as read
* Add Hungarian translation
* Add config parameter to define base URL
* Select next unread item when opening current item
* Show bookmark/read icons for all screen resolutions
* Supports utf8mb4 encoding for Mysql schema
* Fix wrong default value in config.default.php
* Avoid infinite redirects in unread/group page
* Do not scroll back to the top of the page after touch events
* Avoid PHP notice when adding invalid feed with bookmarklet
* Increase default body size to 10MB
* Update Russian, Serbian translation
* Reorganize templates into sub-folders
Version 1.2.1 (Jan 18 2017)
New Features:
* Mysql support
* Offer the possibility to define different URL for themes folder
* Improve Xpath query for favicons
* Handle the fact that a user can be removed but have feeds in queue (worker)
* Do not download items each time for feeds with content scraper enabled
* Background jobs are not loading user settings properly
* Allow producer to be executed only for a given user
* Always use real URL instead XML feed URL
* Move autoflush calls
* Display list of groups for each subscription
* Disable automatically duplicated feeds
* Increase url field size for Postgres
* Left swiping also mark item as read on mobile
* Make import script compatible with Postgresql
* Allow different limits for users in cronjob
* Update to PicoFeed v0.1.31
* Update Czech translations
* Update zh_CN translations
* Update ru_RU translations
Bug fixes:
* Marking special group "Unread" as read through Fever API does not work
Version 1.2.0 (Jan 5 2017)
* Major change to the database structure to have a single database for multiple users
* Web access token for the cronjob
* New config parameter to disable web access for the cronjob
* Debug mode parameter is moved to the config file
* The console web page have been removed
* Remove automatic software update from the user interface
* New API methods (not backward compatible)
* Fever API tokens are longer than before
* Always update feed URL to avoid useless redirection for futures requests
* Add support for Wallabag service
* Show last parsing error message in user interface
* Disable automatically a feed after too many failures
* Add support for Expires and Cache-Control headers (HTTP cache)
* Flush all user remember me sessions when changing password
* Update Docker image to Ubuntu 16.04 and PHP 7.0
* Add Docker compose file
* Add functional tests (Json-RPC API and Fever API)
* Add unit tests
* Minify Javascript and add automated syntax check on the CI
* Minify CSS
Migration procedure from 1.1.x to 1.2.0:
To import your old database to the new database format, use this script:
php scripts/migrate-db.php --sqlite-db=/path/to/my/db.sqlite --admin=1
The script is located in the Git repository (not in the archive).
Previous versions
See commit history or news posted on the website.